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Optimal protection for your picture - 3 glass types to select

nielsen picture glass is designed to meet the different needs of framing artwork, drawings, prints (engraving) and paintings, as well as photographs and art prints. Highly transparent white glass* is used as basic material for all coated nielsen picture glasses. Due to its high transmission (light transmission), enough light reaches the framed object to make it crystal clear and with true colours. Using an innovative production method the nielsen picture glasses are coated very thinly from both sides to meet the different requirements. In technical language, this process is called "Interference optical anti-reflection", this method is applied similarly to eyeglass lenses.

Standard or float glass has a reflectance of approx. 8%. With the coating, the degree of reflection of nielsen picture glasses is minimized to less than 1%. The observer thus no longer perceives the picture glass and can concentrate completely on the object of art. Each coating produces a bluish or greenish reflection colour, depending on the coating materials used. You will notice that the reflection colour with nielsen picture glasses appears evenly and without distorsions on the glass surface. Brilliance of the picture is undisturbed. This testifies to a high-quality coating and distinguishes the nielsen picture glasses in particular.

Another advantage is the last applied protective layer**, which makes the nielsen picture glass more scratch-resistant. In addition, the surface of the protective layer is very smooth, which makes the nielsen picture glasses very easy to clean. *does not apply for ClearColour UV99

Did you know? "Any natural or artificial light source emits more or less UV radiation. UV protection starts with a UV filter that filters out (absorbs) over 90% of the UV radiation and thus does not adhere to the art object. Measured in the light spectrum of 280 - 380 nm, this corresponds to the harmful UV-B and UV-A range. If a picture glass fulfills these requirements, we can speak of an optimal museum glass."
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