PR release: Double donation for flood victims

Rheda-Wiedenbrück, 24.08.2021: In order to support the victims of the flood disaster in parts of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, the works council of the company Nielsen Design GmbH, a medium-sized manufacturer of picture frames, aluminum profiles and home decor, has taken the initiative internally to call for donations to the alliance of German aid organizations "Aktion Deutschland Hilft".

"It is shocking to witness what some people from the affected regions have to endure and it will take a long time until the cleanup is finished. A donation is the least we can do," said Helga Müsse, deputy works council chairwoman. Together with her colleague Margret Meier (Works Council Chairwoman), she quickly organized an internal appeal for donations. The campaign was very well received in the company, so that an amount of EUR 5,000 was achieved. The managing directors Andreas Montag and Richard Niemann joined in the commitment of their employees by doubling the amount. A total of EUR 10,000 has now been donated in the name of Nielsen Design GmbH, its employees and their families.

"Aktion Deutschland Hilft" is an alliance of German aid organizations that aims to use donations as efficiently as possible and to provide joint, rapid and coordinated aid to people in need.