Our company, an introduction:

Facts and figures nielsen has been represented in the German market for over 35 years and still produces readymade frames in Germany. Since it was founded this global business had produced steady growth because it introduced the customisation service that enabled retail customers to offer a large range to their customers. This helped to expand public interest in frames and framing.

Especially in recent years, sales of picture frames and accessories in Europe have once again increased at an above-average rate. Approximately 300 people are employed on the 30,000 square metre premises in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. In addition, there are about 100 employees in the two own sales companies in Europe.

With innovative products and a strong brand, the Nielsen Design GmbH sets creative and qualitative standards in the areas of picture frames and home decor. New products are constantly being developed and the range is constantly being expanded. Today, our product portfolio includes picture frames, picture mouldings, mounts, picture glass, back panels, picture hangers, decorative cushions and throws.

Decades of experience and high quality are the hallmarks of our products.

Market leader in the field of aluminium nielsen has been very successful in using aluminium for picture framing, making it the global market leader.
The company was founded in 1971 by the American Townsend von Helmar Nielsen. 10 years later he laid a foundation stone for the German business with the entrepreneur Rainer Monchmeier from Rheda. With the purchase of an aluminium press in 1984 rod production started and in this way industrial manufacture of aluminium picture frames started in Rheda. Today the brand nielsen is synonymous with aluminium picture frames.

nielsen creates lifestyle Classic or modern, ornate or plain nielsen has the right frame for the job. The company works closely with artists an interior designers to ensure it is at the cutting edge of design. This includes the readymade range, rich in shapes, profiles, thickness and colours. nielsen readymade frames offer the consumer sophisticated choice and quality which would otherwise be available in custom made frames.

Profile with style. The nielsen readymade frames offer planty of scope for the creative framer, and great potential to the consumer with a simple solution with style and character. Wooden readymade frames give a natural charm to comfortable living areas while the simple elegance of aluminium subtly puts the picture in the limelight. Whatever your choice, nielsen creates emphasis.

Quality a la nielsen Our materials are aluminium and wood, and quality in strength and finish is determined by how they are processed. At nielsen only the best quality is used. With 35 years experience in manufacturing nielsen is the global market leader for aluminium framing profiles. But technology is no guarantee of quality. It's the nielsen team that ensures the highest quality standards with its years of experience and dedication. Discover the creative world of nielsen readymade frames with its vast range of size, colour, shapes and surfaces offering countless framing oportunities. Quality to the last detail. The foamboard is the best, and instead of cheap fibreboard only high quality MDF is used. Instead of closures nielsen use riveted tortion springs, loose clips which get lost sooner or later are a thing of the past. Now it's a short turn and it's done! Thanks to the sawtooth design of the hooks fine adjustment of the picture is simple.