Alpha B1

4 Colours | 15 Sizes

The Alpha B1 picutre frame offers design and quality to meet the highest demands.

The frames have been tested for flammability by the Materialprüfungsamt NRW and are certified according to DIN 4102-1.

The 7.8 mm narrow design profile made of aluminium with its anodised surfaces has a high dimensional stability and frames every picture attractively and at the same time minimalistically.

The picture frames are produced in Germany with high-quality mitred joints and are equipped with edge-ground float glass, a stable and flame-retardant MDF rear panel with quality torison springs and acid-free barrier paper.

15 formats and 4 attractive surfaces are available. The picture frames are equipped with hangers in portrait or landscape format.

Alpha B1, the picture frame with a narrow design profile, attractive surfaces and B1 certificate. 




Profile colours
alpha Silber matt
Frosted Silver
alpha Silber
alpha Platin
alpha Dunkelgrau glanz
Glossy Dark Grey
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Sizes in cm
20 x 30
21 x 29,7
24 x 30
29,7 x 42
30 x 40
40 x 50
40 x 60
42 x 59,4
50 x 60
50 x 70
59,4 x 84,1
60 x 80
70 x 90
70 x 100
84,1 x 118,9